Travel & Waterproof Bag

These soaps are light and easy to pack. Two soaps are combined into one whole, enough to last at least a month.
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Redondo Soap|Daily

Skin feel Moisturizing & Pore Cleansing
Soap kind Olive Soap+Coffee Soap
Suited to Facial, Body

Redondo Soap|Refreshed

Skin feel Sensitive Soothing Skin Care
Soap kind Avocado Soap+Red Palm Soap
Suited to Facial, Body

Redondo Soap|Scalp

Skin feel Mitigates Soothing Scalp
Soap kind Jojoba+Dead Sea mud Soap
Suited to Scalp, Body

Waterproof Soap Bag

Features Japanese Lightweight Cotton
Meterials Japan cotton fabric
Made in Taiwan High quality, Anti-wrinkle