Soap Bar

We have many types of specific, comforting cleansing products for all skin types and scalp needs.
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Menthol Haiti Adams Soap

Skin feel Cooling Refresh
Materials Menthol
Suited to Facial, Body

Coffee Ruby Soap

Skin feel Pore Cleansing
Materials Coffee
Suited to Facial, Body

Avocado Forest Soap

Skin feel Refreshing Oil Control
Materials Avocado oil
Suited to Facial, Body

Olive Athena Soap

Skin feel Deep Moisturizing
Materials Olive oil
Suited to Facial, Body

Red Palm Carotene Soap

Skin feel Soothe Conditioning
Materials Red Palm oil
Suited to Facial, Body

Magic Jojoba Soap

Skin feel Mitigates Oily Scalp
Materials Jojoba oil
Suited to Scalp

Black Dead Sea Mud Soap

Skin feel Fresh Moisturizing
Materials Dead Sea Mud, Charcoal
Suited to Scalp, Facial, Body

Castor Ricinus Soap

Skin feel Moisturizes Dry Scalp
Materials Castor oil
Suited to Scalp

Coffee Black Gold Soap

Skin feel Gentle Exfoliating
Materials Roasted Coffee Beans
Suited to Body

Wormwood Herbal Soap

Skin feel Comfortable Relaxing
Materials Wormwood
Suited to Facial, Body