10th Anniversary, Thank You

Year 2020 May, which is GreenConut’s 10th Birthday, we have been carrying out the plant-based safety and maintenance concept without adding sensitive ingredients, essential oils and antiseptics, which is our constant insistence. Thank you for participating in the tenth year of GreenConut.

Inspiration from Nature

GreenConut constantly seek inspiration for innovation from plants and ingredients in nature, to create products that meet our standards for just the right ingredients and textures. GreenConut deeply understand that wild plants contain powerful energy. Our safe, environmentally-sustainable processes help each product fully manifest what makes the plants special. Always upholding safety and reliability, GreenConut develop the products that your skin needs.
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Golden Shea Butter

The milky white lipids provide gentle, long-lasting skin nourishment, while moisturizing to maintain skin health.

“ Unforgettable texture: Lip balm that absorbs in seconds ”


Golden Shea Butter

Organic 100 g

Olive Athena Lip Balm

Prevent Dryness

Olive Athena Soap

Deep Moisture

Howmore Living

The Kuramae area in Tokyo’s ‘little Brooklyn’ is near Asakusa, Kappabashi Utensil Street, and the Tokyo Skytree. It has been the center of artisans and handcrafts since the Edo Period.
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