Soap Bar

The formula blends characteristics from many vegetable oils. Cold processed by hand, it gently and effectively cleans dust and sweat to complete the first and most important step of skincare.
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Menthol Haiti Adams Soap

Cooling Refresh

Coffee Ruby Soap

Pore Cleansing

Avocado Forest Soap

Refreshing Oil Control

Olive Athena Soap

Deep Moisturizing

Red Palm Carotene Soap

Soothe Conditioning

Magic Jojoba Soap

Mitigates Oily Scalp

Black Dead Sea Mud Soap

Fresh Moisturizing

Castor Ricinus Soap

Moisturizes Dry Scalp

Coffee Black Gold Soap

Gentle Exfoliating

Wormwood Herbal Soap

Comfortable Relaxing

Lip Balm

Fragile lips require special care. Rich vegetable oil essences, to nourish and moisturize your lips.
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Olive Athena Lip Balm

Moisturizing Chapped Lips

Avocado Forest Lip Balm

Reduces Lip Lines

Body Cream (organic)

The gentle, soft coating keeps skin nourished. Dry skin is soothed with undiluted shea butter.
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Golden Shea Butter

50 g

Golden Shea Butter

100 g

Anti Mosquito Protection

The carbon dioxide and sweat given off by skin helps mosquitoes find targets. Neem oil masks the odor given off by the human body, which makes it difficult for the mosquitoes to find you, thus effectively reducing the chance of mosquito bites.
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Anti Mosquito Flora Oil

Insect Repellent

Anti Mosquito Flora Cream

Long-lasting Repellent

Travel Soap & Waterproof Bag

The series combines twohand-made soaps, each is paired with a portable waterproof soap bag. The whole package is easy to carry and durable. This way, just one soap can meet all your cleansing needs, while taking up less luggage space.
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Redondo Soap|Daily

Moisturizing & Pore Cleansing

Redondo Soap|Refreshed

Sensitive Soothing Skin Care

Redondo Soap|Scalp

Mitigates Soothing Scalp

Waterproof Soap Bag

Lightweight & Waterproof

Natural Wash (Eco-Friendly)

We constantly seek effective, gentle cleansing. We eliminate dirt safely;we strive to leave no residues and to be eco-friendly, so that the water that flows into our oceans contains no dangerous chemicals.
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All-Natural Portable Laundry Set

Gentle cleansing and whitening clothes

All Natural Oxygen Wash Powder

Gentle cleansing and whitening clothes

Gift Box

Many combinations for different needs, help you more fully show your appreciation.
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Classic Gift Box

Taiwan Blessing Gift Box

Waterproof Soap Bag Gift Box

Soap Bar 115g+Anti Mosquito Oil

Soap Bar 55g+Lip Balm

Redondo Soap+Mosquito Oil

Soap Bar 115g+Lip Balm

Anti Mosquito Flora Gift Set

Soap Bar 55g+Shea Butter 50g

Redondo Soap+Lip Balm

Lip Balm+Shea Butter 50g