Corporate Gifts

We provide easy and convenient gift services so that your VIPs can get high-quality skincare, and you can also fully show your care and gratitude to them.
We provide a wide variety of gifts to meet your needs. Whether for a busy business person, a frequent business traveler, a very important customer, or an event, wedding, or special gift to express gratitude, you can find a gift for any occasion at GreenConut.
To save you time in shopping we provide gift matching suggestions customized for the recipients, then send the gifts to the appointed address for you.
We are happy to provide detailed advice and planning to help you choose that perfect gift.
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Listed sales prices are for reference only. Special discounts may apply with a minimum purchase.


We offer shipping to your appointed address.

Enterprise purchase service

We are happy to provide a full range of GreenConut’s products and one-on-one consulting services for internal purchasing at offices and other locales. Our consultants will assist your colleagues and VIPs with any questions about the products, how to use them, and how to make a purchase. All customers participating in your internal purchase will receive exclusive corporate discounts.
Please fill out our gift inquiry form so that we can evaluate it according to your needs and provide related assistance. We will respond within three business days. Thank you for your patience.